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Tuesday , September , 26 2023

Merchants First Equipment

We have the tools you need to help you accept payments.

Merchants First handles all the EMV (Euro Pay, MasterCard, Visa) PCI compliant terminals available today. Whether your business is in one place, on the go, or on the web, we have the tools you need to help you accept payments.

Merchants First Payment Consultants strives to provide merchants the best services and latest technology available today. Some payment terminals in the market place today are known as proprietary terminals. That means they only will work with certain companies. This limits the business owner’s options if they decide to switch to another credit card processor. Never get stuck with a terminal that only works with one company.

Do not fall for the “Free Terminal” gimmick. I know you like free. I like free too. Free money, free trips, free meals, etc. Most of you reading this are adults in business and should know by now that nothing is really free. Terminals do cost money and companies by and large will pass that cost on to you with strings attached like higher fees, longer contract terms, annual merchant fees or, at the end of the contract you must return the terminal to them or pay an inflated terminal price to keep it. Merchants First Payment Consultants provides a “Terminal Placement Program” (we never use the phrase “Free Terminal”) to those who do not want to pay any upfront terminal expenses. However, we inform you upfront of the terms and conditions and most of our customers opt to purchase the terminal instead.

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The terminals and POS systems that Merchants First makes available are able to work with other payment services. Merchants First will consult with you in choosing the best equipment options suited to fit your business needs now and in the future.

With so many choices out there today concerning terminals, the one choice you should always make is not to lease a stand-alone terminal. Over the years, stand-alone terminals have come down in price. Leasing a stand-alone terminal can cost your business thousands of dollars over the course of the lease. We have run across businesses that leased their terminals costing them on the average of about $4,000 dollars when the same terminal is available for about $500. You can go to any search engine and type in “leasing credit card terminals reviews” to look at what people say about leasing their terminals.

To be fair, there are some POS (point of sale) register systems that can run into the thousands of dollars so leasing may make sense. If you are thinking of such a system, make sure that your sales rep tells you who the lease company is and check them out on line before you sign. If he doesn’t know who the lease company is or doesn’t want to give you the information, find a different company to work with, like us.

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